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Since 1988, sofTouch APpLications has been providing quality scientific, technical, and financial software for Macintosh computers to a highly demanding user base. After extensive use by individuals and institutions world-wide we are now please to offer some of our most popular applications to you via the Web. Though we offer several other products, sofTouch APpLications specializes in user-friendly astronomy software. Try out some of our shareware products, and even if you don't decide to purchase any, let us know what you think. We always appreciate comments and suggestions from new and potential users. And, please be sure to check out HIPPARCHUS (5.2.1a), our premier astronomy application. HIPPARCHUS is not just another generic "desk top planetarium" program, but a fully integrated software package for positional astronomy. 

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Now Available On-Line: - The HIPPARCHUS USER'S GUIDE

We currently are happy to offer you the following MacOS software products:

Astronomy Software

ASTROCAL (2.0.2) The any-year calendar for observational astronomers

HIPPARCHUS (5.2.1a) The last positional astronomy program you'll ever need

MOONCLOCK (2.2.0a) The ultimate clock for Selenophiles

TERRACHRONE (2.2.0) The global answer to: "What time is it?"

UMBRAPHILE (2.4.1) Software for eclipse chasers

Other Software

LOANCALC (2.1.1a)  Know what your "Death Pledge" will cost you, in detail

A Note About Our Software: Since 1988 all of our software has been developed and written in MicroAPL's APL.68000, and more recently APL.68000 Level II for the Macintosh. We have been so extraordinarily pleased with this, we thought we would give those guys a plug on our home page. (Keep up the good work, Dave.) 
A Note About Our Software Author: Glenn Schneider 
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