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LOANCALC 2.1.1a 

LOANCALC will compute loan payment, declining balance, and equity schedules (running and cumulative) for fixed rate loans with or without prepayment schedules. The terms of the loan (Principal, Percentage, Term, and number of Payments per Year) are entered through the LOAN TERMS item in the LoanCalc menu. A schedule of discrete or contiguous prepayments are entered via the PREPAYMENT SCHEDULE item. More information on supplying inputs to these items is available through dialogs which are presented when LOAN TERMS or PREPAYMENT SCHEDULE selected.

Once the terms of the loan, and the optional prepayments are entered the COMPUTE SCHEDULES item will determine and display six loan schedule reports in separate windows. Those schedules are:

Summary:              Terms, Payoffs (Annual, Periodic, Total)
                       and life (with prepayments).

Annual Schedule:     Principal, Interest and Balance

Declining Balance:   Balance remaining for each payment period

Periodic Equity:     Equity contributed in each payment period

Cumulative Equity:   Accumulated equity at each payment period
Consolidated:        Single Consolidated Schedule with elements of all above
LOANCALC will run on any MacOS computer, or other platform running the Macintosh Operating System, or Macintosh Application Environment. Both 68K Macintosh, and native PowerPC versions are available.

Download LOANCALC 2.1.1a for 68K Macintosh

Download LOANCALC 2.1.1a for PowerPC Macintosh

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Any or all of the computed schedules may be printed, or exported to a generic Macintosh TEXT files. The PRINT SCHEDULES and FILE SCHEDULES items are available only to registered LOANCALC users. When you send your $10.00 registration fee, to sofTouch APpLications, a shareware access key will be sent to you which will enable these features.

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