Report by John Beattie on the Solar Eclipse Mailing List (SEML) 2017 August 21 Monday (with only minor clerical edits):

The solar elevation of 49.6° during totality, with outer corona extending to approx. 53° elevation, will still be easy to view out the left side because of the huge, tall B787 passenger windows which measure 47 cm by 27 cm and slant inward at the top by an angle of 16°  from vertical – as long as each observer has his or her own window since the high sun angle will make observing impractical from middle seats or aisle seats.

Recently I flew Newark-Vancouver-Newark on an Air Canada B787 and found that yes, in my opinion the remarkably large Dreamliner windows will make observation of TSE 2019 entirely, comfortably doable.

Here (below, left) is that aircraft as seen from the front before boarding, with a protractor superimposed. Note the decorative ball at top of the flagpole is at 47.5° elevation angle as seen from the passenger windows, and the tip of the flag itself when extended fully is at 57.5° elevation angle.  Image artifacts from this video extract frame makes windows 3-8 hard to see, so also shown (below, right) is another (still frame camera) photo with all these windows visible.

Here is the view from inside the B787. Note at beginning of this video: top of the seatback in front is only halfway up the very tall window.


Here (below) is a still photo tof the flag/ball taken through the aircraft window with an ordinary iPhone zoom. (I should have been aiming higher!)  Note that as seen from this vantage point, the decorative ball is much smaller than the eclipsed sun will appear.

Here is a video out another of the B787 windows.



John B. also shot this video, through a LATAM Chilean Airlines B787 window at row 34, while awaiting departure from Madrid to Frankfurt 2017 December 13: