Total Lunar Eclipse
04 April 2015 UT
Tucson, Arizona
Glenn Schneider
(Steward Observatory and the Department of Astronomy, The University of Arizona)

TLE 04APR2015 was visible from first contact until part way through early partial phase egress with brightening morning twilight and the moon "hitting the trees" (shortly after the pictures above were taken).  Sky conditions were less than spectacular with haze and thin clouds - but could have been a lot worse.

The image sequence below (top left to bottom right), with a cadence of five minutes between exposures, is from 1st contact until the setting moon "hit the trees" at 05:33 MST.  These images were acquired with a Questar 3-1/2 inch telescope (f/14 back focus) and Nikon D3000 camera. The sky was hazy with a lot of 
schmutz and wafting thin clouds brightening the sky, lowering the image contrast, obscuring coloration (and in general being very annoying).  Exposure times (nd ISO sensitivity) was empirically adjusted throughout the eclipse to compensate (as best possible) for varying sky conditions after 04:06 MST (see exposure log below image mosaic).  Click HERE to see  an illustration of the timing and geometry of this eclipse.  Compare (with pristine conditions) to TLE 14MAY2014 observed and photographed from the same location under perfect skies a year earlier.

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EXPOSURE LOG (HH:MM as Mountain Standard Time) of Image Mosaic
03:16  400  1/100s     03:21  400  1/100s     03:26  400  1/100s     03:31  400  1/100s
  400  1/100s     03:41  400  1/100s     03:46  400  1/100s     03:51  400  1/100s
400  1/100s     04:01  400  1/100s     04:06  400  1/100s     04:11  400  1/50s
04:16  400  1/25s      04:21  400  1/25s      04:26  400  1/25s      04:31  400  1/15s
04:36  400  1/6s       04:41  400  1/4s       04:46  400  1/2s       04:51  400  1s
04:56  400  2s         05:01  400  4s         05:06  800  4s         05:11 1600  4s
06:16 1600  8s         05:21 1600  8s         05:26 1600  8s         05:31  400  4s {twilight brightening}

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