24 October 1995 
Total Solar Eclipse — Ghanoli, India

Duration of totality: 56.9s @ 03:04:24.6 UT mid-eclipse (altitude 26.1°)

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UMBRAPHILE debuts under clear skies!

The first fielded version of UMBRAPHILE
was implemented in APL 68000
and ran on a PowerBook 520c
under MacOS version 7.2


Latitude 27° 03' 58.3" N, Longitude +77° 31' 05.3" E
"A" marks the spot - a flat open field in Ghanoli, India (unlabelled).
Appx. 15 km WSW of Fatehpur Sikri (location of many other eclipse groups) and 50 km WSW of Agra.


(plus Steve & Laila Kolodny) on site after Totality (eclipse flag on loan from Craig Small)

You're Welcome!

... and at the Taj Mahal in Agra
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Glenn Schneider and Joel Moskowitz leaving India enroute to TSE 1997 in Siberia

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