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While in Zambia we took up residence at the Mvuu Lodge on the western shore of the Zambezi River.  Mvuu we were told means Hippo in the local venacular.  And, I assure you the appelation for the lodge is no misnomer.  A simple glance at the river, just a few meters from our lodging facilities, was a constant reminder that we were not the dominant life form in this environment!


Dr. Seuss
Many times I had read the above passage to my daughter from the children's book "Mr. Brown Can Moo", but I never appreciated just how true-to-life the suggested grumming was.  In captivity, I do not believe I have ever heard a hippo utter a sound.  In their own element they are remarkably vocal. Each morning at 5 AM I was woken by the almost surreal baritone cacophony of the grum, grum, grumming of hippo song.  It was an amazing symphony I will not soon forget.

Roads? We Don't Need Roads!

Charles, Michael & Laura Heading Down-River

A Rare Un-Submerged Appearance

Safety Tip: Look Both Ways...

... Before Crossing The River

Hey, Henrieta, Tell Harry I Like His New Hat
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

If A Bird In The Hand
is worth two in the bush, what is one on the head worth?

I Just Don't Get This "Leap-Frog" Thing

You Take The High Road & I'll Take The Low Road

Harry - He's Back (and on yours too!)

Are You Talking to ME?

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