30 May 1984 7-second "Broken" Annular Solar Eclipse near Greenville, SC, USA
To photograph the annular eclipse Glenn Schneider (right - wearing his "eclipse hat") used a Celestron 5 telescope with a full aperture density 5 chromium filter coupled to an Ariflex 35mm movie camera. The fixed telescope/camera system was was fed by a coelistat mounted 5-3/4" 1/8-wave optical flat. 

The Ari was run at 64 frames per second and digital time code  (from WWVB - receiver in front of coelistat) was optically encoded on each frame for an absolute time reference.
Though usually reserved for Total solar eclipses, the celebratory "eclipse flag" (on loan from C. Small) is unfurled by the University of Florida expedition members.
Left to right: Sally Hoffman, Karla Rahman, Howard Cohen, Glenn Schneider, Don McNeil

The unfiltered image sequence below was acquired with a 400mm lens at f/32 on a NIKON EM camera
using 1/90th second exposures on 35mm Ektachrome  64  film.

Below (left)  is a "two limb" composite of frames 2 and 4 above (click image to see at twice the size).
It is of interest to compare this "broken annular" eclipse (left) to the
 "broken chromospheric ring" eclipse of 03 October 1986 (right).

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