Hola, Amigos!

Click image above to view the eclipse as a QuickTime Movie (18 Mbyte file).
(Download a free QuickTime viewer for Mac/Windoze from Apple).

The above QuickTime "Movie" of the 10 June 2002 sunset annular eclipse was made from the individual photographs shown (at half size) in the image mosiac below  and spans 104 seconds from start (top left) to end (bottom right).  The images were registered to compensate for the azimuthal motion of the sun as it set (hence the sun seems to move "straight down" in the movie).  Just thought I had better note that bit of artistic license before someone asked about it. 

Lonnie Pacheo took a dozen of the frames from the above lower-resolution mosaic, reregistered and digitally combined them to give a not-quite anatomically correct rendering of how the annular may have looked (below) if the clouds had not been so obtrusive (as described by him and Jimmy Herrara).  Since the moon moved relative to the Sun in this composition the appearance of the limb is not as it would have appeared at any instant of time.  And, some of the "bead" effects are due to variable cloud opacity, but it's till a pretty neat image!  Thanks, Lonnie.

After the the last bit of the upper west cusp of the extended photospheric are disappeared into the clouds, the "bottom" of the sun later re-emerged through the small break in the clouds < 1 degree above the horizon.  That last "piece" of the partial eclipse is also rendered into a Quicktime movie HERE.  The frames (shown at half size in the mosaic below, time increasing top left to bottom right) are spaced 10 seconds apart in time, but have been sped up by a factor of 10 in the "movie".

Finally, I should note that the vantage point from which I photographed this eclipse was from a rise overlooking a beach on centerline.  I happily observed this eclipse along side about 300 other eclipse chasers, including Pierre Arpin, who nicely described this event (and the fun we all had getting there) in his retelling of it. I'm playing "Where's Waldo" in the group photo on his web report, and my wife and daughter are seated in the lower right corner of that photo.